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Introducing KETO OS by Pruvit, the only pure Therapeutic Ketone Supplement on the market today.

KETO OS (Ketone Operating System) is a “First of its Kind” product and has a proprietary formula that has been researched, tested, and doctor approved.

Here are some highlights of what Keto OS
Can help with:

  • Weight loss – fat loss without muscle loss.
  • Keto OS fights chronic inflammation, which for some can mean chronic
    pain or achy joints
  • Provides cognitive improvement and neuroprotection for the brain, which
    can ward off Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity for the treatment of diabetes.
  • Improves cellular health and longevity, along with anti-aging benefits.
  • Cancer inhibiting – cancer cells can’t live using ketones as fuel.

The Keto Movement is an Australian Independent provider of Prüvit products and services.

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