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Keto OS is to be taken daily in conjunction with a keto diet. Benefits include but not limited to fat loss, energy, all day clarity and focus.

keto Australia - Before After
keto Australia - Before After
ketone Australia - Before After
keto Australia - Before After

Why Is Ketosis So Popular Right Now?

Let me get to that shortly.

Firstly every very few years a health fad comes along and everybody takes notice. Yes there will always be sceptics and even haters but without a doubt people will try it.

And why’s that? Because people are after the magic pill. People search and yearn for an easier way to lose weight, feel better, have more energy, live longer, get stronger, gain more muscle and so on.

People are lazy when it comes to this hence when a diet or exercise craze comes along people jump on it. If they’ve tried everything thats even better because this is something else and another chance for them to see if this is going to be the answer.

Where Did The Keto Diet Come From?

The ketogenic diet has actually been around for a long time. A very long time in fact. Did you know when we are born we are in a ketogenic state? That’s right we are born already in ketosis and it’s not until we begin eating high carb based foods that we fall out of ketosis.

Now this is not new science. Bodybuilders and fitness professionals have been fans of this way of eating for a long time due to the benefit of incredible fat loss. Once you’re in ketosis the fat literally melts off.

Now eating keto has many, many benefits and the list is getting longer everyday but without a doubt the number 1 benefit of following this diet is the fat loss. Everybody has problem areas and everybody wants to be slimmer and thats why the term “Fat Loss Tips” get’s over 30,000,000 monthly searches in Google.

The Keto Diet Is NOTHING Like You’ve Tried Before.

Like all diets there are specific ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. For example the Paleo diet is a high ratio of proteins and minimal carbs and fats. Another example is the “American Healthy Diet” prescribed by the FDA – 60% carbohydrates, 30% proteins and 10% fats and lets not forget the famous Food Pyramid that we all grew up with.

On a side note did you know that Sweden has recently changed their Food Pyramid? Instead of it being predominately carbohydrates and low fat its now actually low carbohydrates and a high intake of good quality fats. Learn more about it here.

So what is the keto diet? The ketogenic diet is a 70%-75% of good quality fats, 20%-25% of proteins and 5%-10% of carbohydrates.

I told you it was nothing like you’ve seen before. Imagine that? High fat!

What About Protein?

Yes protein is essential in any diet especially if you exercise regularly in particular lifting weights but too much of it and it converts to glucose which is what carbs are so it’s important to minimise protein.


It’s delicious. Keto recipes are hands down the best. Now I love fat. There is nothing like a big plate of eggs and bacon with the fat still on it. Pork Crackle is a gift from the gods and not to mentioned blue cheese. Im salivating as I write this. Now fats are not just from animal sources. Good fats also come from oils such as coconut and macadamia but also avocado’s. Probably the most versatile of all keto ingredients is coconut. Its amazing in savoury foods but until you’ve eaten my partners Coconut Chocolate Mousse then you don’t know what you’re missing.


It can be difficult to maintain and takes planning. See once your body is in a state of natural ketosis it’s easy to fall out. Im talking a piece of fruit or a glass of chocolate milk and all your hard work comes undone.

Exogenous Ketone Supplements. Ketosis in 59min

As I mentioned , just the slightest hiccup and you’ll fall out of ketosis. Now one important aspect I haven’t mentioned is that it usually takes several days if not weeks to get INTO ketosis. So if you eat or drink a little too much carbohydrates you’ll have wasted all that focus and work.

Earlier this year Pruvit Australia began importanting exogenous ketone supplements called Keto//OS and Keto MAX.

The benefits of including this supplement in your diet is that you fall into ketosis in just 59min. Not days, not weeks. Plus as long as you have ketones in your body you’ll always be in ketosis so it’s ok to fall off he wagon occasionally and still see amazing results.

Other benefits people have experienced are ;

  • Fat Loss (not weight loss)
  • All day energy
  • Incredible focus
  • Diminished food cravings

Plus much, much more. The list of benefits of using exogenous ketones and eating a keto diet is getting longer each day.

Where Did Exogenous Ketones Come From?

Initially created by Professor Dom D’Agostino for Navy Seal deep sea divers they now expand the globe for the everyday joe to even NASA astronauts. That’s right, NASA.

Watch this video to learn more.

Where Can I order Keto//OS & Keto MAX?

ketone supplement australia

You can only order it online through an authorised representative.

Click here to order yours.

A lot of people also opt for a 5 Day Experience Pack which is pretty much a sample pack. You get to enjoy all the flavours and experience the benefits before purchasing a bigger pack.

Order your 5 Day Experience Sample Pack Here.

I hope that answers some questions you may have about the keto diet and exogenous ketones.

We highly recommend both and encourage you to give it a try.

Ready to try Keto//OS? Click below to order your 5 Day Experience Pack Today