Does Keto OS by Pruvit Business Make Money? Help People? Help with Fat Loss?

Here as independent review on the business of Pruvit. This article was written and submitted to this blog by Craig Parsons.

Ketosis, do the research and you can quickly see that this is the clearest solution to the biggest physical challenge humanity has faced.

Keto OS by Pruvit Australia

In case you haven’t noticed, HUMANITY IS FAT. Now we can call it ‘overweight and obese’ but what those terms are covering is that people are carrying so much fat that their metabolically and hormonally damaged.

Everything that changes psychology also changes physiology and so there are more and more drugs being taken, prescribed and off the street to mask the symptoms of out of balance physiology.

IMMORTALITY“I have to die from something”

‘Let the dead bury the dead’ I believe it was Jesus that said this. I’m not writing this because I’m scared of death. What scares me is never fully living. I know that the path to my own livingness as Thomas Troward would put it is connected to the livingness of those around me.

So the challenge of life is to enter fully into what we do and as such we change the 98% of anything we consider whole, which is actually “the field,” “God” or whatever whatever label you want to use for that which IS.

Now we have more and more infertile couples, often related to insulin resistance and we have more and more babies and children suffering unnecessarily. Ear-nose and throat doctors and anthropologists will tell you that babies these days don’t even have the same shaped airways as our ancestors.

It’s time for a change..

“Rivers Run Smoothest In Their Ancient Channels.”

Your ancestors fasted and or went through periods of starvation. Every religion and traditional culture that I have studied includes short and long duration fasting. They also lived through Ice Ages where there was very little carbohydrates around.


We don’t die because the liver turns fat to KETONES.

Turns out when we stop using this system we degenerate.

Solution. GET KETONES.

Method 1. Fast Regularly.
Method 2. Follow a strict ketogenic diet.
Method 3. Use Exogenous Ketones.

I’ve been using all 3 for a bit over a year. Life is BETTER. My purpose in life is to share BETTER.

Most people aren’t ready, willing or able to use 1 & 2. Those that are ready will also be the type of people who want to optimise, which means they’re going to experience 3 and make a decision.

What Do Ketones Do?

They give energy to cells deprived of fuel because they don’t uptake glucose -insulin resistance (most of society, you need lots of insulin and / or insulin resistance to get fat).
At a cellular and at the level of DNA / Gene regulation.

Read more about Ketones here..

Do exogenous ketones work?


Who Says?

Some of the best resources are Dr Dom D’Agostino (Cancer) , Dr Jacob Wilson (Performance – bodybuilding and Endurance), Dr Mary Newport (Alzheimer’s)


Because it works.

The method of network marketing is highly effective and endorsed by many of the world’s leading business minds. If you’d like to stop working for “the man” and run your own life like 90% of our ancestors did a century ago then network marketing is the best place to build the skills you need with no risk and tiny upfront cost.

Most network marketing that I’ve come across sells crappy products for more than what they’re worth. And the people trying to get you involved have no interest in the product, they just want your money and then move on to the next person.

Keto OS is a world first product with no equivalent product having anything close to the impact of Prüvit in the market.

At the moment there is no other path that could have or will deliver this much needed therapy across the world in the way that Keto OS is. The company is investing heavily in it’s community (me and my team) and in new product. I don’t see anyone catching up and funding education and research like these guys any time soon.

Why Pruvit as business?

The reason why is it’s one of the most successful teams in the Global exogenous ketones business is because we want everyone to win.

We didn’t have any experience with network market so the jaded “churn and burn” strategies that most people use weren’t habit for us.

The most common way in network marketing is where you get a new person excited and welcome them to the business and then leave them to either grow or die, sink or swim, if they swim then you help them otherwise they’re not worth the time.

We don’t do it that way. Everyone who joins our team has access to a series of support videos, 24 hour online support and a culture that knows that everyone can win in the Ketones business.

What’s the feedback been like?

The world needs this product.

Thousands of people have taken this product and come back for more! The miracles of people regaining health and function from states of dis-ease, imbalance are so many but this is not the place for them.

All I can say is that everyone needs to experience ketosis and the simplest way to do that is with Keto OS.

So many people have followed their decision to use the product with taking on bigger lifestyle changes and even running their own business that I have no doubt that ketones are the best Gateway Drug to a LIFE of BETTER!